2015 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant


Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County

The 2015 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) application process has been announced.  As a requirement of the grant, we must make our application intent available to our residents.  This information packet will serve to inform Salt Lake City residents of the Police Department’s intent to apply for this grant, and how the Police Department intends to spend these funds.

Salt Lake City qualifies to apply for $291,397 in the 2015 JAG program.  Of that total, Salt Lake City will receive $191,454 and Salt Lake County will receive $99,943.  The Salt Lake City breakdown of proposed expenditures is as follows:

 Salt Lake City

$14,250 for stop sticks to quickly and safety end high-speed vehicle pursuits

$16,319 for directed Community Policing Overtime to focus on hot spot areas

$15,000 to provide training for sworn personnel in their areas of expertise 

$10,000 to provide training for civilian personnel in their areas of expertise

$6,500 to fund speakers for the Utah Organized Retail Crime Association and training for police department members

$14,230 for the police department’s Public Order Unit equipment

$10,000 for the Salt Lake City Peer Court program to enhance efforts in preventing and deterring juvenile crime

$10,000 for the police department’s youth Explorer Program to help fund uniforms, equipment and other program expenses.

$28,800 to purchase mobile gateways to deliver secure wireless wide area networking for police vehicles 

$66,355 to purchase the FARO Technologies Focus 3D-X330 Laser Scanner to accurately measure and document accident scenes and crime scenes.

Salt Lake County

$40,000 for license plate readers to allow efficient scanning of license plates.

$1,367 for personal carry patrol trauma kits to increase first responder ability to perform basic medical care until paramedics arrive.

$7,820 for breaching circle training to provide safe, innovate tactics and strategy.

$10,256 for night vision goggles to increase safety and operational feasibility.

$9,000 for suppressors to provide hearing and pressure protection for police officers.

$31,500 for two-way communication ear muffs to provide crucial communication during operations that extend beyond speech range (face-to-face).  


$291,397 TOTAL

The grant has seven purpose areas under which all expenses must fall.  The Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County projects fall within Law Enforcement Programs, Prevention and Education Programs, and Planning, Evaluation and Technology Improvement Programs. This grant application will be submitted on June 26, 2015, and the funding is scheduled to be awarded with an end date of September 30, 2018.

Comments by the public will be accepted from May 29 through July 31, 2015.

If you have questions about the grant or the proposed budget, feel free to contact Deputy Chief Krista Dunn. 

Thank you.

Krista Dunn
Deputy Chief
Administrative Bureau
Salt Lake City Police Department