Cornellia Salt

Cornellia Salt

Victim: Cornellia Salt

Cold Case Type: Homicide

Occurrence Date: 1994-11-12

Victim Age: 22

Victim Gender: Female

Synopsis: Patro1 Officers were dispatched to a woman down on the dead end circle adjacent to the north end of Jordan Park. The victim was found slumped over in the drive’s Side of a rental car. The engine was running and the doors shut. The victim rented the car on the day before after flying in from Phoenix. She was to return on Sunday November 13, 1994. After talking with family members and friends it was learned victim had attended a party the night before. She stayed with a friend in West Valley City. Apparently no one noticed her leaving the next morning. The manner of death is homicide and the immediate cause of death is known and being withheld for investigative reasons. This is an open case and the Salt Lake City Police Department is seeking information.

Address of Offense: 950 Montague Avenue

Case Number: 1994-163125

Status: Unsolved