Logistics Bureau

Deputy Chief Tim Doubt

Lt. Scott Teerlink

The Logistics Bureau provides detailed coordination of all police equipment — fleet, computers, facilities, technology, communications and 911 equipment — in support of the the operations of the Police Department, as well as Records Services. Because each of these support functions are interrelated, they are organized and managed in one bureau.

  • Community Intelligence Unit

    The Community Intelligence Unit has been staffed with the future leaders of our department, providing the unit with some of the best and brightest employees in our organization.

    These future leaders will understand the importance of developing quality and trusting relationships with all community members and organizations and work diligently to solve and address neighborhood concerns. Their supervisors will work closely with these officers to provide them with the necessary training, skills and resources to accomplish their tasks and develop them for future leadership roles within the department.

    As these officers promote and move throughout the department, the knowledge and skills they have acquired will be implemented and shared with others; consequently spreading the vision of community-oriented policing.

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  • Salt Lake Information Center (SLIC)

    The SLIC is designed to enhance our interaction with, and response to, the community. Currently, a large quantity of information is exchanged between representatives of the police department, federal law enforcement agencies, and state and local agencies. Additionally, intelligence information is obtained from interactions with political entities and most significantly, the public and communities that we serve. It is our goal to better manage the information flow and, in turn, more productively direct police activities. In addition, the department will be able to address identified issues or problems within our neighborhoods. This will place officers at the forefront of problem solving and enables officers to not only have a firsthand account of issues but places them in a position of responsibility for addressing those items.

  • Quartermaster Unit

    The Quartermaster Unit manages the Department’s police equipment from acquisition to disposal. The Unit is responsible for equipment storage, police employee issue, equipment expenditures and inventory item tracking to insure asset accountability.

  • IMS & Fleet Liaisons

    Logistics provides liaison officers to Information Management Services and Fleet Services to provide the highest level of service to our internal clients; our officers and civilian employees.

  • Facilities

    Logistics is responsible for the planning, coordination and construction of new police facilities and managing the existing police facilities in Salt Lake City.  Current new projects include the new Public Safety Building and a new Evidence/Crime Lab Facility.

  • Technology & Communications Equipment

    Logistics is constantly scanning the technology horizon in an attempt to keep the department current in the latest advances in public safety technology, including communications and 911 equipment.