Patrol Bureau

Deputy Chief
Terry Fritz

Lt. Brian Purvis
Administrative Lieutenant

The Patrol Bureau is responsible for providing police services 24/7 to people working, visiting or living in Salt Lake City. Patrol officers are the traditional uniformed first-responders to calls-for-service and emergencies, and, as a result, they need to be law enforcement’s “Jack of All Trades.”

Patrol officers are best described as “Professional Problem Solvers.” Each day brings a myriad of new problems for officers to resolve. Most issues that arise just require good, common sense and professional skills and knowledge. However, some problems require a considerable amount of emotional self-control and restraint from officers, especially when faced with tragedies that would debilitate the average person. Patrol is where the “rubber meets the road” and where officers learn to be cops. As they gain experience, most officers will eventually move on to other specialized fields within the department. However, some of our most seasoned officers enjoy the excitement of patrol their entire careers.

In addition to being responsive to all requests for service from the public, the Patrol Bureau is committed to community-oriented policing and intelligence-led decision-making philosophies while conducting proactive enforcement efforts or addressing community concerns and problems.

The Patrol Bureau is located at the Pioneer Precinct, 1040 West 700 South, Salt Lake City. Telephone contact can be made by calling (801) 799-4600.

Watch Command

Watch Command represents the Office of the Chief and operates within the Patrol Bureau. Watch Commanders bear the rank of lieutenant and are responsible for overseeing major incidents and day-to-day field operations, ensuring that employees provide and maintain a professional standard of service. In the absence of a Public Information Officer, Watch Commanders are responsible for handling all media relations.