Strategic Deployment Bureau

Deputy Chief Mike Brown

Lt. Dave Askerlund

Lt. Mike Ross

The Strategic Deployment Bureau includes the Salt Lake Information Center (SLIC), Community Intelligence Units, Homeland Security, Narcotics, Vice, Alarm Unit, Accident Investigation and Hit & Run. Strategic Deployment is responsible for the management and flow of information from varied sources to the officers and entities accountable for action.

  • Salt Lake Information Center (SLIC)

    The SLIC is designed to enhance our interaction with, and response to, the community. Currently, a large quantity of information is exchanged between representatives of the police department, federal law enforcement agencies, and state and local agencies. Additionally, intelligence information is obtained from interactions with political entities and most significantly, the public and communities that we serve. It is our goal to better manage the information flow and, in turn, more productively direct police activities. In addition, the department will be able to address identified issues or problems within our neighborhoods. This will place officers at the forefront of problem solving and enables officers to not only have a firsthand account of issues but places them in a position of responsibility for addressing those items.

  • Community Intelligence Unit

    The Community Intelligence Unit has been staffed with the future leaders of our department, providing the unit with some of the best and brightest employees in our organization.

    These future leaders will understand the importance of developing quality and trusting relationships with all community members and organizations and work diligently to solve and address neighborhood concerns. Their supervisors will work closely with these officers to provide them with the necessary training, skills and resources to accomplish their tasks and develop them for future leadership roles within the department.

    As these officers promote and move throughout the department, the knowledge and skills they have acquired will be implemented and shared with others; consequently spreading the vision of community-oriented policing.

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  • Narcotics

    The Salt Lake City Police Narcotics Unit is responsible for proactively investigating neighborhood drug problems in Salt Lake City. Part of the Narcotics Unit is the Methamphetamine Initiative Committee, which was at the forefront of developing state legislation to protect children who are endangered by their parents’ drug usage. The Meth Initiative marked its 10-year anniversary in 2008. The group was formed to problem-solve community issues surrounding methamphetamine and other drugs. Today, 30 agencies are involved in the program.

    The mission of the Salt Lake City Methamphetamine Initiative is to provide, through inter-agency collaboration, a system-wide approach to alleviate dangerous drug problems in our community.

  • Organized Crime Unit

    The Organized Crime Unit (OCU) conducts compliance enforcement, street operations and investigations related to human trafficking, exploitation, gambling venues and money laundering. A greater emphasis is placed on investigations that involve the endangerment of minors, as well as the exploitation and or trafficking of an individual for financial or other gain by a third party. The OCU works to take its investigations to a resolution that will permanently deter the individuals involved from taking part in these crimes. This may include involving other entities, such as the FBI, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Customs & Immigration Enforcement, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Enforcement, Utah Attorney General’s Office, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and others, in a joint enforcement effort.

  • Accident Investigations

    The Accident Investigation/Hit & Run Unit is comprised of officers that are trained in accident investigations and reconstruction. These officers respond to major traffic accidents in Salt Lake City and handle the investigation from start to finish. The officers assigned to this unit undergo hundreds of hours of extensive training for accident investigation, accident reconstruction and court testimony.

    The unit has the primary role of traffic accident investigation and enforcement in Salt Lake City. The teams goal is to reduce the number of traffic accidents in the City and assist our partner agencies in the design of our roadways and traffic control devices.

    The unit also teams with the Motorcycle Squad during events such as the Days of ’47 Parade, the Gay Pride Parade and many other functions, including LDS General Conference, dignitary escorts, and protests and mass gatherings.