GRAMA – Media Members

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The media is entitled to any record that is deemed to be a public record pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 63G-2-301. A governmental entity has ten (10) business days after receiving a written request to provide the record, deny the request, or notify the requester that it cannot immediately provide a response due to extraordinary circumstances. Media may request an expedited response of five (5) days (see box on form).

What are the charges for a record?

The Salt Lake City Police Department charges the following fees* in accordance with the Salt Lake City Code § 2.64.130:

  • Police Reports are $5.09 per report
  • Traffic Accident Reports are $5.09 per report
  • Photocopies are $.10 per page
  • Photo CDs are $10.17 per CD
  • Employee Time is $11 per hour, minus the first 15 minutes

*Prepayment of fees may be required.

How to make a GRAMA request:

Click the link above and complete the GRAMA Request for Records form providing as much information as possible. GRAMA requests may also be presented in person or by mail with the appropriate fee(s) attached/delivered to:

Mailing Address:
Salt Lake City Police Department
Attn: Records Service Desk
P.O. Box 145497
Salt Lake City, UT 84114

In Person:
Salt Lake City Police Department
475 South 300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Incomplete request forms and forms submitted without fees will not be processed.

Any questions, please call GRAMA-Media Coordinator Candee Allred at (801) 799-3871.