SLCPD Body-Cams 101

This post explains on-officer cameras, also known as body-cams. Reporters seeking more information should contact the Public Information Officer, (801) 799-6397, during business hours.

Q: When did SLCPD acquire on-officer cameras, also known as body-cams?
A: The Salt Lake City Police Department received its first shipment in January 2013. The 15 units were part of a larger purchase made by the Valley Police Alliance with funding from the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program (HIDTA) for the Rocky Mountain Region.

Q: How many more units have been acquired?
A: 80.

Q: What model of body-cam is it?
A: Taser AXONFlex.

Q: How much does each unit cost?
A: $3,368, which includes 5 year full replacement warranty, data storage and maintenance.

Q: How many units does SLCPD want to have in the field?
A: One for every first-responder officer, approximately 250.

Q: When will SLCPD reach its goal of 250 units in the field?
A: As budget allows.

Q: Who wears body-cams?
A: Officers in first-responder roles, i.e., patrol, motors, bikes.

Q: How long is body-cam video stored?
A: One year.

Q: Can the public see body-cam video footage?
A: It isn’t made available for general viewing purposes. Access is governed like any other SLCPD document through the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA).

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