Video: Chief Burbank Addresses Investigation of Officer-Involved Shooting of a Dog

SALT LAKE CITY — Earlier today Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank talked to reporters and answered questions about the investigation of an officer-involved shooting of a dog. The unedited video is posted above.

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  1. Michael  June 30, 2014

    Three suggestions for cops scared of dogs: Retreat. Hold out your baton towards the barking dog. Use pepper spray.

  2. Jay S  June 30, 2014

    You should learn to better assuage a community in outrage. Giving an “excuse – half hearted apology – excuses and scolding of the community for their feelings” is truly a shit sandwich and NOT how to get the community to understand. No one wants to eat a shit sandwich, but that’s what you gave us today. While threatening the officer is unacceptable – it should give you at least SOME insight into the communities feelings. You needed to calm the situation, but all you did was insight continued distrust and hatred which leads to a vicious cycle. Congratulations at completely fumbling the ball Chief!

  3. Victoria  June 30, 2014

    Totally uncalled for and inexcusable. It’s a shame and I’m glad I do not live near your jurisdiction as I have a fenced in dog and I would be terrified that this would happen because she would bark at anyone she doesn’t know. Idiots.

  4. Mary  June 30, 2014

    Thank you, Chief Burbank, and all other SLCPD officers, for your work and sacrifice to keep our city safe.