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March 3, 2012
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March 5, 2012


No significant events.


1334      Domestic Violence      864 S. 300 E.      12-36179

Jerome Gallegos (03/30/61) and his common-law wife, Elizabeth Ulibarri (11/1/62), were involved in a domestic argument in front of their home. At some point, Ulibarri entered a vehicle and Gallegos threw a rock which broke the windshield. Ulibarri then drove the car over the curb and into the front yard but did not strike Gallegos because he had moved onto the porch. Officers arrived and detained Ulibarri, but Gallegos fled on foot from officers. A short time later officers, found Ulibarri hiding on top of a garage roof. Gallegos and Ulibarri were booked into jail on several charges each, including domestic assault, criminal mischief and fleeing.


0321      Stabbing      827 N. Morton Dr.      12-36574

A 22-year-old man was at a house party when he began to argue with a 19-year-old male. During the altercation the 19-year-old man stabbed the 22-year-old man. A friend of the victim attempted to intervene and he was also stabbed. Both victims were transported to a local hospital. The suspect, whose identity is known to police, fled the scene and remains outstanding. The victims’ injuries are non-life threatening. This investigation is ongoing.