Watch Log: Saturday, June 16, 2012
June 18, 2012
Watch Log: Monday, June 18, 2012
June 19, 2012


Traffic Stop/Fleeing
1000 W. 700 S.

An officer observed a vehicle driving erratically in the area of 800 S. 900 W. When the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, it fled from him. The officer did not pursue the vehicle, but he found it stopped in the middle of the street at 1000 W. 700 S. The driver, Chris Colvard (10/6/79), was taken into custody as he exited the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, officers found methamphetamine and knives. Colvard was booked into jail on charges of possession of methamphetamine and weapons violations.

Sexual Assault
700 E. Princeton Avenue

Within a three-hour period, three different victims were sexually assaulted by Guillermo Ramirez (11/19/90). The first assault took place at Trolley Square in the parking lot of Whole Foods. A 43-year-old woman was exiting the store when Ramirez grabbed her buttocks and rubbed himself against her. The second assault was at 900 S. 800 E. A 36-year-old woman was walking a child in a stroller when Ramirez grabbed her from behind and removed her shorts. He grabbed her buttocks and rubbed himself against her. The third assault took place at 855 E. 1300 S. An officer saw Ramirez attacking a 30-year-old woman. Ramirez grabbed the woman from behind and tried to remove her shorts. Ramirez fled from the officer, but was apprehended a short distance away. Ramirez was booked into jail on three counts of sexual assault.

1405 S. 300 W.

An officer saw Brandon Pierson (02/7/82) at the above address screaming for no apparent reason. The officer contacted Pierson to check his welfare and Pierson immediately attacked the officer. Pierson punched the officer several times before being taken into custody. Pierson was booked into jail on charges of assault on a police officer and trespass. The officer was medically evaluated at the hospital for minor injuries.


No significant events.


Aggravated Assault
1179 S. Navajo

A 21-year-old woman met Jamie Fernandez (12/25/91) at the Super Mercado to transfer custody of their daughter. The woman’s 24-year-old boyfriend was with her and began to argue with Fernandez. During the course of the argument, Fernandez pulled out a handgun, shot one round into the air, and then pointed the gun at the woman’s boyfriend. The boyfriend ran from Fernandez, who fled in a vehicle. The woman followed Fernandez and called police. Officers stopped Fernandez at 950 S. Glendale Dr. and took him into custody without incident. Fernandez was booked into jail on the charge of aggravated assault.

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