Killed in the Line of Duty

Fallen Officers

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Fallen Officer Plaques

The Bronze Age is commonly known as the era of heroes. This is one reason medals of valor have often been made of bronze. Twenty-five men of the Salt Lake City Police Department gave the ultimate sacrifice--their lives--while serving the citizens of Utah's Capitol City. They are remembered with original, distinct and lasting bronze plaques at various locations across Salt Lake City.

The bronze plaques measure approximately 18" x 20" and are placed on a building or other structure at or near where the event occurred. The plaque includes a photograph of the officer, a brief history of what occurred, and the name of the individuals or organizations that sponsor the plaque.

The Salt Lake City Police Department dedicated its first Fallen Officer plaque Tuesday, May 17, 2011, marking the location at which an officer was killed in the line of duty. This plaque recognized Brigham H. Honey Jr. and William N. Huntsman, who were killed in the line of duty February 16, 1924, at 337 S. Main Street. It was made possible by contributions from the Salt Lake City Police Mutual Aid Association, a benevolent aid group, and Glen Saxton, who granted permission to place the plaque on the Judge Building.

The Salt Lake City Police History Project seeks to honor all 25 Fallen Officers in this manner.
If you are interested in supporting the Fallen Officer Memorial Plaque program,
please contact Deputy Chief LaMar Ewell,, for more information.

= Memorial Plaque installed and dedicated

1. COOKE (1858)
Old City Jail, 100 E. South Temple

2. BURT (1883)
Northeast corner 200 S. Main Street

3. WILSON (1894)
120 East 100 South

4. FORD (1907)
Northeast corner 600 West 200 South

5. RILEY (1909)
157 S. State Street

6. JOHNSTON (1911)
Albert Hotel, 119 S. West Temple

7. GRIFFITHS (1913)
Sweet Candy Company, 224 S. 200 W.

8. HAMBY (1921)
Nord Hotel, 59 1/2 East 200 South

9. PIERCE (1923)
500 S. Main Street

10. CROWTHER (1924)
Bank of Jordan River

11. HONEY & HUNTSMAN (1924)
Boes Jewelry, 337 S. Main Street

12. LUND (1924)
2100 South 1100 East

13. TANNER (1927)
589 East 1300 South

14. CARLSON (1929)
23 S. West Temple

15. BAXTER (1935)
200 North 300 West

16. STROUD (1951)
105 S. State Street

17. FARLEY (1951)
269 S. State Street

18. PETERSON (1954)
1300 South 1300 East

19. CLARK (1973)
564 Third Avenue

20. HEAPS (1982)
300 East 1300 South

21. DUNMAN (2000)
1500 S. State Street

22. FARAONE (2001)
Interstate 80