Resources for Drivers and Cyclists in Salt Lake City

Welcome! The Salt Lake City Police Department recognizes and is committed to serving those members of our community who commute and recreate by bicycle. Whether you use two wheels for transportation or just plain fun, we hope you find the resources available here helpful.

Protect Yourself!
Riding a bicycle can be hazardous. Riding one without a helmet may cost you your life. The Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective not only has resources that can help you or someone you know put a lid on your head, but also give you an opportunity to learn and improve your riding skills.

Thinking about ditching the car?
Find a new way to come to work!  UDOT’s active transportation page has links to maps, safety tips, programs and more!

Take A New Path!
There are many bike routes, arranged by popularity and design. Find a new way to go by using map links below!

Get Involved!
Salt Lake City has a bicycle committee that meets monthly to address ongoing issues and concerns. Feel free to stop by.

Know Before You Go!
Bicycles not only have the same rights in most cases as an automobile, but also the same rules.

Road Guide for Bicyclists and Motorists!

– For Motorists: expecting bicycles and watching the walks.
– For Cyclists: acting like a driver.
– Safety tips for Motorists and Cyclists.
– How-to guide for licensing.
– Have you seen the green? Info about the green stripes on city streets.
– Rules for ensuring everyone is safe.
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