Removing Barriers, Improving Access

Community Connection Center

Three teams, One center

Mission Statement

To provide a safe environment for people to access individualized care, support, and appropriate community resources.

The community connection team, which is comprised of case workers and social workers have become the liaisons between front line police work, the community, which includes service providers and individuals/families that are in crisis.

  • Triage of an individual and/or family
  • Intermittent, short-term therapeutic intervention
  • Care coordination between agencies
  • Case Management, which includes but is not limited to:
    • Housing Application and Navigation Assistance
    • Basic Needs
    • Navigation of the Behavioral Health System

The Homeless Outreach Service Team, aka HOST, is a proactive and collaborative effort to move the community in Salt Lake City, into a partnership with the police and homeless service providers to connect homeless individuals with social services and resources.

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Law enforcement and the mental health consumer.

  • CIT includes specially trained law enforcement officers.
    Trained with tactics to effectively deal with a situation involving a person experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • CIT officers have received training to assist in identifying characteristics of various mental disorders.
  • Officers are trained to provide a safer intervention for the person experiencing a mental health crisis, their family members, the community and the officers themselves.