Community Liaison Officers

The Salt Lake City Police Department has special officers devoted to grassroots problem-solving within the community. The Community Liaison Officers attend monthly community council meetings within the City’s seven City Council Districts. While these officers share and receive a lot of information at these meetings, it is daily interaction with residents that fosters the trust necessary to tackle public safety issues together.

If you have a problem in your neighborhood—from graffiti to loud parties, drug dealers to gangs—your Community Liaison Officer is ready to connect you with the law enforcement and community resources necessary to address the issue. Feel free to contact yours directly.

Don’t know which district you live in? View our district map. (Works best with Chrome)

District 1, 2

Det. Eldon Oliver


District 3, 4

Det. Marie Stewart


District 5, 6, 7

Det. Sam Fallows


Business Community Engagement Officer

Det. Ezra Bitseedy