These figures represent preliminary counts of original Police Incident Reports and include all offenses for Assaults on Officers and Resisting a Police Officer. Full statistical analysis to determine the confidence level of this data has not been performed. The results contained herein may not fully coincide with data shown in other areas of SLCPD’s Crime Statistics page such as CompStat Reports, Calls for Service, Crimes Trending, and Crime Reports due to and reflective of departmental procedures that were in place at the time the event occurred and the date this data was compiled.

Results displayed are not distinguished as attempted or completed crimes, do not include other calls for police service, and only represent police service where a report was made.

About the Data

Crime Statistics accessible on this page are preliminary figures for general situational awareness and trend purposes only. SLCPD utilizes the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS), therefore the data displayed on this page shows incident-based information from all cases generated by the Salt Lake City Police Department. If more than one offense/code is listed on one case, each offense is counted individually.

Data goes back as far as 2008.

Offense types displayed on this page include:

    • 4801-0   Obstruction – Resisting Police Officer
    • 1312-0   Aggravated Assault on Police Officer (Strong Arm)
    • 1310-0   Aggravated Assault on Police Officer (Using Gun)
    • 1311-0   Aggravated Assault on Police Officer (Other Weapon Type)
    • 1313-1   Simple Assault on Police Officer
About Incident-Based Reporting

Figures shown are incident-based; there may be more than one of the above offenses occurring per case, and each offense is counted separately.


Although every reasonable effort is made to verify data, accuracy is subject to the constraints of the report generation process as well as the manner, format and point in time of any query. In addition, crime classifications are frequently updated as a result of follow-up investigation.


The Salt Lake City Police Department accepts no liability for decisions made—or not made—based on information herein.