Any figures contained herein represent preliminary counts of original police incidents or calls for service. Due to the statute-driven, changing nature of crime classification and area boundaries over time, the figures contained may not fully coincide with data shown in other areas of SLCPD’s crime statistics page. Differences are reflective of the departmental procedures or policies that were in place at the time the events occurred and the date the data was compiled. Data may also be approximate in relation to indicated areas. Results are generally classified by primary offense categories as defined by the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system. However, data is not subjected to any other standards set forth under UCR and may not be distinguished as “attempted” or “completed”. Full statistical analysis to determine the confidence level of this data has not been performed. Although every reasonable verification effort is made, the accuracy of any data is subject to the constraints of the report generation process as well as the manner, format, and point in time of any query.


The Salt Lake City Police Department accepts no liability for decisions made—or not made—based on information contained herein.