Officer William Cooke
December 31, 1901
Sergeant Alonzo M. Wilson
December 31, 1901


In Memoriam: Marshal Andrew H. Burt

Marshal Burt was murdered by a deranged man in downtown Salt Lake City on August 25, 1883.

Accompanied by the city water master, the 54-year-old victim was searching for a suspect who had earlier threatened the life of a local merchant. When they located the suspect at 200 S. Main, the suspect shot Marshal Burt with a .45-70 caliber rifle.

Despite his own wounds, the city water master managed to disarm the suspect. Officers took the man to the city jail where a large mob soon gathered. The mob stormed the jail and lynched the suspect, dragging his body through the streets behind a team of horses.

Marshal Burt was married and the father of a large number of children. He is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

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