Alberto Vence
June 16, 1998
Ann Rich
May 24, 1999

Victim: Itishia Camp

Cold Case Type: Homicide

Occurrence Date: 1998-09-24

Victim Age: 21

Victim Gender: Female

Synopsis: The victim was found in a stairwell behind the business located at the listed address by two Juveniles. The stairwell is a known hang out for drug abusers to relieve themselves. The victim was found with her pants pulled partially down. The victim has a decorative headband was on the victim. The investigation has revealed that the victim had just purchased some narcotics from a supplier who lived in the area. The Medical Examiner determined the manner of death as homicide. The immediate cause of death is known but is being withheld for investigative reasons. This case is an open case and the Salt Lake City Police Department is seeking information.

Address of Offense: 165 East 900 South

Case Number: 1998-188823

Status: Unsolved