Ann Rich
May 24, 1999
Hipolito Casiano Mateos
September 30, 2002

Victim: Sai Foisia

Cold Case Type: Homicide

Occurrence Date: 2000-07-23

Victim Age: 25

Victim Gender: Male

Synopsis: At approximately 3:15 a.m., the victim was found bleeding and walking around in the parking lot of the Day’s Inn motel. The victim is from California and was a member of a Hip Hop (rap) group that had performed at the Fair Grounds. The victim and his friends returned to their room after the concert to “hang out”. The suspect and his friend also entered the room. Other member of the group did not feel comfortable with the suspect and his friend and asked them to leave. The suspect and his friend were escorted out of the room by the victim. When the victim did not come right back others went outside to see if there was a problem. The victim’s cousin found the victim walking in the parking lot of the motel bleeding. The victim was transported by ambulance to LDS hospital where the victim succumbed to his injuries.

Address of Offense: 1900 West North Temple

Case Number: 2000-136740

Status: Unsolved