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January 20, 2012
Crime Stats
January 25, 2012

Due to the complaints of pedestrian safety along 2100 South between 800 East and 1300 East and the unfourtunate pedestrian accidents that we have had in the Sugar House area, the Salt Lake City Solo Motor Squad conducted multiple crosswalk operations in the area of 2100 South 800 East and 2100 South 950 East.  On January 9th, the operation was done at 2100 south 800 East and 28 citations were issued.  On January 10th the operation was done at 2100 south 950 and 19 citations were issued.

These’s operations will be conducted throughout the year at different locations throughout the Sugar House area.

Please remember pedestrian safety is everyones responsiblility so please look both ways before crossing the street and if you are driving in the area please keep a watchfull eye out for crossing pedestrians.