Suspicious Person/Sexual Assault
January 25, 2012
Teen Dating Abuse
February 1, 2012

I am saddened to report about two incidents that occurred within District 6 this past week.

A mom dropped off her children at a friends’ house on Foothill Dr.  As she drove away she failed to see that her 5 year old son has slipped on the snow and the path of her vehicle drove over the top of his torso.  The child was transported to primary children’s hospital and the hospital contacted the police department.  The child suffered severe internal injuries but is expect to survive.  Accident Investigators were called out, their investigation will determine whether this case warrants criminal charges being screened.

On Kensington Ave, a resident was having his roof repaired by a roofing company.  One of the roofing crew employees was killed when the porch roof collapsed and pinned him between the roof and the ladder he was working on.  Apparently the weight of snow on the wooden porch roof caused it to give way.  The fire department responded to make the roof safe.  Several other agencies (OSHA and Building Code enforcement) are now investigating the industrial accident incident.

Follow-up on the stolen statue from the Pingree School for Children with Autism.  Property Detectives have followed up on investigative tips and have a possible suspect.  As of this writing the suspect has not be located nor has the statue.  According the local metal recyclers they will not receive the stolen statue since they know it’s the victim of criminal conduct.  I will continue to follow up on this case and keep you apprised.