SLCPD Seeks Suspect in Robbery of Zions Bank — Again
February 14, 2013
In Memoriam: Officers Honey and Huntsman
February 15, 2013

February 15, 2013 — Per routine monthly maintenance, the Evidence Unit is preparing to implement its disposal protocol for February. The following is a public notice in that regard and not a public call for the review of lost-and-found items.

The Salt Lake City Police Department has items that have been found or seized and placed into custody that will be donated, auctioned or disposed of, effective February 25, 2013. These items include the following:

Backpacks, purses, bags, clothing, sleeping bags, luggage, briefcase, bedding, misc. personal items, day planners, misc. personal papers (SS cards, IDs, credit cards, checks, etc.), wallets, keys, bikes, bike parts, DVDs and CDs, DVD player, car DVD screen, television, computers with equipment, knives, air gun, guns, holster, home and car stereos w/ equipment, cell phones w/ accessories, chargers, hand and power tools, money, jewelry, cameras w/equipment, power cords, license plates, skateboard, cosmetics, iPods, printer, keyboard, digital voice recorder, leg brace, hair clippers, projector, amplifiers, palm pilot, cameras, golf clubs in bag, generator, DVR receiver, GPS, carry case, CD player w/ accessories, and safes.

If you believe that you may have an item in custody of the Salt Lake City Police Department, please contact the Evidence Unit at (801) 799-3041.