In Memoriam: Officer Michael J. Dunman
July 19, 2013
SLCPD Reminds Public of Parade Route Rules for July 24, 2013 (Map)
July 23, 2013

Posted: July 19, 2013 — Per routine monthly maintenance, the Evidence Unit is preparing to implement its disposal protocol for June. The following is a public notice in that regard and not a public call for the review of lost-and-found items.

The Salt Lake City Police Department- Evidence Unit has items which have been taken into custody that are being destroyed or otherwise disposed of on July 29, 2013.  These items include the following: 

Backpacks, luggage, bags, purses, wallets, duffle bags, clothing, briefcase, bedding, sleeping bags, miscellaneous personal items, credentials (Social Security cards, IDs, driver licenses, credit and debit cards, passports, etc.), guns, gun cases, holsters, knives, foreign currency, money, jewelry, cell phones with accessories, eye/sunglasses, computers with accessories, gift cards, makeup, keys, hand and power tools, bikes, bike parts, ATM machine, ATM parts, DVD/CDs, metal case with cards, bath set, ball, photo frame, cane, video games, air gun, cameras, iPod, gas can, spark plugs, perfume, e-cigarette, books, leg waxer, car and home stereo, kindle, iPad, bank bag, Xbox 360, toy, mask.

Reasonable attempts have been made to contact owners where applicable by U.S. Mail.

If you believe that you may have an item in custody of the Salt Lake City Police Department, please contact the Evidence Unit at (801) 799-3041.