Plan Ahead for Road Closures, Parking Issues Related to SLC Marathon Saturday
April 18, 2014
SLCPD Investigates Homicide
April 19, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake City Police Department’s Evidence Unit has items which have been taken into custody that will be donated, destroyed or otherwise eliminated effective April 28, 2014.  These items include the following: 

Backpacks, briefcase, luggage, bags, purses, wallets, bags, clothing, bedding, sleeping bags, miscellaneous personal items, credentials (Social Security cards, IDs, driver licenses, credit and debit cards, passport, etc.), guns, knives, holster, money, jewelry, cell phones with accessories, eye/sunglasses, computers with accessories, keys, hand and power tools, tool boxes, bikes, bike trailer, skateboard, miscellaneous papers (birth certificates, photos, letters, etc.) cameras with accessories, books, license plates, perfume, e-cigarette, flute, power box, air mattress, soccer gear, jars of honey, dishes and utensils, shaver, PSP with games, PSP game case, iPods, safe, PS2, scanner, security camera mounting bracket, portable speakers, swimming flippers/goggles, rappelling equipment, BB guns, jumper cables, car seat, shovel, massager, baseball bat, binoculars, monitors, printers.

Where applicable, reasonable attempts have been made to contact the owners by U.S. Mail.

This is not an open call for the review of lost and found items by the general public. If, due to a case or incident, you believe that you may have items in the custody of the Salt Lake City Police Department, please contact the Evidence Unit at (801) 799-3041.