VIDEO: Chief’s Message, November 2014: More FAQ
November 22, 2014
Press Release: Help SLCPD Identify Bank Robber
December 1, 2014
VIDEO: Chief’s Message, November 2014: More FAQ
November 22, 2014
Press Release: Help SLCPD Identify Bank Robber
December 1, 2014

Search by City Council District, Community Council, zip code, crime type, date


SALT LAKE CITY — A new webpage offers the public a variety of ways to chart crime trends in the city.

The public is invited to provide feedback on the webpage, which is now active at Click the badge at the bottom of the page to begin searching by:

  • Crime type: parts 1 and 2
  • Area: citywide, Council Districts, Community Councils, zip codes
  • Date: choose any period in the last 60 months

Crime Statistics accessible on this page represent preliminary counts of original Police Incident Reports. It is intended for general situational awareness and trend purposes only. Full statistical analysis to determine the confidence level of this data has not been performed. Reports generated on this page show summary information for all cases generated by the Salt Lake City Police Department within the selected areas and time periods.


  • Available data window: 60 months
  • Although updated daily, new data is added on a seven-day delay
  • Data-by-month counts will be updated one week after the close of each month

About UCR
Police Incident Reports are classified by primary offense categories as defined by the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system. However, data is not subjected to any other standards set forth under UCR. Due to the constraints of the UCR reporting system, figures have not been subjected to the stringent UCR verification process. As a result, these figures only show how many cases are designated under each offense type; they do not account for the number of individual victims, suspects, arrestees, etc. Furthermore, they are not UCR or “crime rate” numbers and are not intended to be used as such. Rather, they are a primary offense breakdown of every case within the records management system as of the date and time of the last update. Please visit to learn more about UCR.

Although every reasonable verification effort is made, the accuracy of any data is subject to the constraints of the report generation process as well as the manner, format and point in time of any query. Additionally, all figures are subject to further analysis and revision during the investigative process.

The Salt Lake City Police Department accepts no liability for decisions made—or not made—by the public based on information herein.


In addition to, there are several other online sources that provide ways to reduce or track crime in the city:

  • — find your Community Intelligence Officer, who helps residents with public safety issues at the neighborhood level.
  • — download or print a variety of public safety brochures. Available in English and Spanish.
  • — information tailored to kids. Available in English and Spanish.
  • — a crime map that shows the latest incidents near a given address, with an option to set email or text alerts.
  • — view police calls for service for the last 48 hours. All information is preliminary and subject to change.
  • — year-to-date data on police cases. Includes case number, offense code, offense description, report date, occurred date, location.