SLCPD Seeks Public’s Help to Locate Wanted Suspect
June 13, 2015
SLCPD Seeks Public’s Help to Identify Robbery Suspect
June 16, 2015


After the unfortunate events of last week and the unexpected opportunity given to me, I step into the role as Chief during this transitionary time with an eye on my extraordinary colleagues in the police department. I want everyone who lives, works, and visits Salt Lake City to know that my goals are to continue working hard to enforce a rigorous standard of community-based policing and to belay concern, uncertainty, and doubt about the amazing impact we have as a department charged with establishing and maintaining order and peace in this beautiful city.

During my 24 years working as a public servant in the police department, I have seen many changes for good. Crime is down, technology enables swift efficiency, we have a state-of-the-art building that meets the needs of the public we serve. We have a wonderful history of creating innovative approaches and unique relationships with our community partners. This organization is built on the dedicated, selfless men and women who work every day to make Salt Lake City a great city. From the person in dispatch who takes the call, to the officer who responds, to the crime scene techs that analyze the evidence – we continue to work.

To my colleagues, I want to extend my time and attention as we navigate the days and weeks ahead. To my neighbors who live and work here, I want to promise that the level of customer service you receive from us will be exemplary. Please work with us, let us continue to be a positive and effective member of the community, working in concert with all the other varied service providers in Salt Lake City. I want only to provide the public, and all my employees, with security and forward-looking action to eliminate all forms of indignity and persecution from any who would work to inflict harm against another.

Interim Police Chief
Salt Lake City Police Department