SLCPD Needs Your Help Locating Suspect in Homicide
July 14, 2015
In Memoriam: Officer Michael J. Dunman (2000)
July 17, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY —The Salt Lake City Police Department Evidence Unit has items which have been taken into custody that are being auctioned, donated or otherwise disposed of on Monday, July 27, 2015.  These items include the following:

Backpacks, luggage, bags, purse’s, wallets,  clothing, bedding, sleeping bags, credentials (social security cards, ID’s, DL’s, credit and debit cards, passport etc.), guns, knives, money, jewelry, cell phones w/accessories, eye/sun glasses, computers w/accessories, keys, hand and power tools, bikes, bike parts, misc. papers (birth cert’s, photos, letters etc.) license plates, e-cigarette, camera’s w/accessories, home and car stereos, ipods, tablets, video games, cup holder, speaker, binoculars, test kit, glasses, beats, stereo mixer, timers, wire, car parts, cologne, motorcycle helmets, dishes, garden décor, vase, bullet proof vest, printers, scanners, magnifying glass, credit card reader, blender, make up kit, scissors, snow board, spot light, hard hat, vapor pipe, 49rs memorabilia, propane tank.

Reasonable attempts have been made to contact the owners where applicable by U.S. Mail.

If you believe that you may have an item/items in the custody of the Salt Lake City Police Department please contact the Evidence Unit at 801-799-3041.


Utah Code Title 77 Chapter 24 Section 2

Utah Code Title 77 Chapter 24 Section 4