Officer-Involved Shooting Updates and Statement from SLCPD
February 1, 2016
In Memoriam: Detective Green Hamby (1921)
February 8, 2016

SALT LAKE CITY – After a reported disturbance, a confrontation between one male and two officers occurred Tuesday evening at 120 South 300 East. One officer was struck with an iron lawn ornament resulting in a laceration to his head and part of his ear being severed and the male was arrested.

Just before midnight, officers located a male adult, who matched the reported description, outside and nearby an apartment complex. The officers asked the male to leave, then he became violent and attempted to assault both officers. The man and officer went to the ground and a dynamic struggle ensued with an officer using intermediate force in an effort to subdue the male.

While there is body camera footage, due to the routine internal investigation regarding use of force incidents, the footage will be reviewed per department protocol on use of force investigations. Additionally, an independent review of this incident will be conducted by the Civilian Review Board. There will be no further comment on this incident pending completion of the Internal Affairs investigation.

The following is the policy that guides our officers in the application of force and the standard to which they are held.

Department Use of Force Policy

A police officer will never employ unnecessary force or violence and will use only such force in the discharge of duty as is reasonable in all circumstances. It is imperative that officers act within the boundaries of legal guidelines, ethics, good judgment, and accepted practices whenever using force in the course of duty.

Force should only be used with the greatest restraint and only after discussion, negotiation and persuasion have been found to be inappropriate or ineffective. While the use of force is occasionally unavoidable, every police officer will refrain from applying the unnecessary infliction of pain or suffering and will never engage in cruel, degrading or inhuman treatment of any person.

Force in Arrest

Any person is justified in using any force, except deadly force, which he reasonably believes to be necessary to effect an arrest or to defend himself or another from bodily harm while making an arrest.

Fleeing or Resisting Person

The person shall not be subjected to any more restraint than is necessary for his arrest and detention. If the arrested person flees, forcibly resists, or jeopardizes the officers’ safety or the safety of others, the officer may use force which the officer reasonably believes to be necessary to effect an arrest or to retain custody by preventing escape. The officer is never authorized to use punitive force or punitive measures while effecting an arrest of preventing an escape.