Vigil to Honor Fallen Dallas Police Officers
July 13, 2016
In Memoriam: Officer Michael J. Dunman (2000)
July 17, 2016

Public Notice: Evidence Disposal Monday, July 25, 2016

The Salt Lake City- The Salt Lake City Police Department Evidence Unit has items which have been taken into custody that are being Auctioned, donated or otherwise disposed of on Monday, July 25 , 2016.  These items could include the following:

Backpacks, luggage, bags, purse’s, wallets,  clothing, bedding, sleeping bags, clothing, credentials (social security cards, ID’s, DL’s, credit and debit cards, passport etc.), guns, knives, money, jewelry, cell phones w/accessories, eye/sun glasses, computers w/accessories, keys, hand and power tools, bikes, bike parts, misc. papers (birth cert’s, photos, letters etc.) license plates, camera’s w/accessories, ipods, ipads, e cig, home and car stereo’s with accessories, hygiene items, CD/DVD’s, e cigs, tablets, collectable currency, foreign currency,  scooter, gps, Nintendo, trimmers, makeup, air compressor, video cameras, headphones, camera case, credit card machine, misc. personal items, perfume, jewelry box, gaming console and accessories, dvd player, palm pilot, cd player, survival items, umbrella, pepper spray, wireless earpiece, door opener, hair iron, collapsible baton w/sheath, printer, high school book, mp3, golf clubs, tobacco pouches.

Reasonable attempts have been made to contact the owners where applicable by U.S. Mail.

If you believe that you may have an item/items in the custody of the Salt Lake City Police Department please contact the Evidence Unit at 801-799-3041.