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May 7, 2020
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June 3, 2020

Help Salt Lake City recover from violence, solve crimes

After a day and night of violence, law enforcement partners are seeking information on unlawful activity during protests in Salt Lake City, Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — Though Saturday’s protests started with peaceful intent, they quickly devolved into various acts of lawlessness, violence, destruction, and graffiti. It’s time to put things back in order.

Utah’s law enforcement partners are seeking information on unlawful activity that happened during protests and riots in and around Salt Lake City, on Saturday, May 30.

Salt Lake City Police Department and Utah Department of Public Safety have created a one-stop portal for members of the public to share photos, videos, information, or tips to help us solve crimes that happened Saturday.

Please visit

Just like Utah’s public safety community protected the right of free speech and public demonstrations on Saturday, we also protect the property and safety rights of those who suffered damage, injury, and destruction.

Anyone who attended protests may have a role in helping solve various crimes. If you have cell phone, doorbell, or security camera photos or videos of crime in progress, we ask you to consider sharing them to help restore peace and order to our capital city and to hold individuals responsible for their crimes.

If we cannot investigate crimes, what happened to our residents, businesses, and taxpayer dollars will continue to injure our community. It will continue to distract from the important conversations our community needs to have.

Utah is better than what we witnessed Saturday. Utah is better when everyone helps. Utah is better when we’re together.