Updated Statement on Use of Force
August 12, 2020
SLCPD Releases Body-Worn Camera Footage of September 4, 2020 Officer-Involved Critical Incident
September 21, 2020

Statement Regarding Charges Being Filed Against SLCPD K-9 Officer


SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake City Police Department has been informed of the District Attorney’s decision to file criminal charges against Officer Nickolas Pearce stemming from the April 24, 2020 incident involving Officer Pearce, one of the Department’s K9 officers, and Mr. Jeffery Ryans.


The Department has also received the report from the independent investigation conducted by the City’s Civilian Review Board.


The Department takes the District Attorney’s decision and the Civilian Review Board’s findings very seriously. Both will be evaluated and taken into account as the Department is finalizing its Internal Affairs investigation.


If Internal Affairs finds that Officer Pearce committed a policy violation, the Chief’s Office will follow the disciplinary process required under state and federal law. This can take some time, but we will carry this out as expediently as possible to bring a prompt conclusion to this matter.