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February 25, 2022
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March 13, 2022
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Inert, ‘Military-Grade’ Device Safely Removed From Jordan Park

SALT LAKE CITY — Today, the Salt Lake City Police Department and the Hazardous Devices Unit (HDU) safely removed an inert military-grade device from the International Peace Gardens in Jordan Park.

This investigation started at approximately 9:15 a.m. on Sunday March 13, 2022, when a community member found a suspicious device and called SLC911. Patrol officers responded, secured the area, and consulted with HDU about what precautions should be taken to ensure community safety.

Based on the observations, officers closed a small portion of the International Peace Gardens.

HDU, with the assistance from the Utah Air National Guard, responded and safely removed the object.

An investigation is ongoing to determine the exact nature of the device and to determine how it ended up inside the park.

The Salt Lake City Police Department reminds community members to never dispose of or move military-grade memorabilia that may be found during estate cleaning or any other circumstance. Instead, leave the device and immediately call 9-1-1.

At approximately 11:30 a.m., the area closed during the investigation re-opened.

A photo from the scene is being released.

A photo of the device is not being released at this time.

The HDU is a statewide collation of law enforcement members who receive specialized training and certification in explosive device assessment, operations, mitigation, and removal. The HDU receives year-round training using national best practices. Additionally, the SLCPD members of the HDU provide training and support to law enforcement throughout Utah and the country.

No further information on this case is being released.

Neither the PIO nor the On-Duty Watch Commander are available for interviews.