SLCPD Officers Arrest Man for Setting Motorhome on Fire
August 25, 2022
SLCPD Releases Statement on 2018 OICI Grand Jury Ruling
August 26, 2022
SLCPD Officers Arrest Man for Setting Motorhome on Fire
August 25, 2022
SLCPD Releases Statement on 2018 OICI Grand Jury Ruling
August 26, 2022


August 26, 2022


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Body Worn Camera Footage Released from Officer Involved Critical Incident

SALT LAKE CITY — Today, in compliance with Salt Lake City Ordinance 200.10.200, the Salt Lake City Police Department released body-worn camera footage of the officer-involved-critical incident (OICI) that occurred on August 14, 2022 near 356 West 700 South in Salt Lake City, Utah.

SLCPD Case No. 22-156746

Subject: Nykon Brandon, 35

Statements in this release are based on a preliminary review of limited information available at the time of this writing. A thorough investigation is being conducted by an outside agency, pursuant to the OICI protocol. Additionally, the SLCPD Internal Affairs Unit will conduct a separate investigation.

The videos released today captured the OICI from the body-worn cameras of four of the five SLCPD officers on scene during the OICI, as defined by city ordinance.


“Our police officers come to work every day to protect our community. In the face of great stress, danger, and uncertainty, they are trained to remain professional and show strength and resiliency. We are committed to carefully reviewing the investigative findings in this case. As a forward-thinking department, we will use those findings to evaluate our policies, training, and procedures to continue ensuring we are making our city safer.”


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All videos start with 30-seconds of no audio. This is not a malfunction. The “Axon 3” body-worn cameras used by the SLCPD have a continuous 30-second video-only buffer. When a recording is activated, the buffered video captured directly before the event is saved and attached to the event in permanent memory. This feature is intended to capture the video of an incident just before a recording begins.

All videos end when first aid is rendered by officers.


At 3:16 p.m., SLC911 dispatched SLCPD officers to a call for service at a business located at 320 West 800 South.

SLC911 advised the suspect had left the business and was running in the roadway.


At 3:22 p.m., SLCPD located the suspect around 365 West 700 South. As shown on BWC video, an officer ordered the suspect to “stop,” but the suspect did not comply.

BWC video shows (Video 2 at 00:00:33) the suspect reaching for an officer’s duty-belt and grabbing onto the officer’s gun.

The suspect is taken to the ground by another officer.

As shown on BWC video, the suspect resisted officers and did not comply with their commands.

At 3:23 p.m., a third officer arrived on scene. BWC video shows (Video 1 at 00:01:58) the suspect grabbing onto the officer’s holster and gun. BWC video captures (Video 1 at 00:02:02) an officer saying, “He’s got a hand on your gun.”

At 3:24 p.m., the suspect is still actively resisting and not complying with the commands of officers, according to BWC video.

At 3:25 p.m., officers used their police radios and told SLC911 they had taken the suspect into custody. In response, SLC911 generated a call for service for Salt Lake City Fire and Gold Cross.

At 3:26 p.m., with the suspect on the ground, officers encourage him to calm down and start preparing to utilize a safety restraint device used to protect people from injury when the person is combative.

At 3:27 p.m., officers begin to perform medical aid.

At 3:28 p.m., officers administered the first of multiple doses of Narcan and started performing chest compressions.

At 4:16 p.m. SLCPD is notified that Mr. Brandon died. The exact time of death is unknown.