SLCPD Arrest 37-Year-Old Man for Murder Following Weekend Shooting
November 22, 2022
SLCPD Reminds Community Members of Safety Tips Ahead of Holiday Season
November 28, 2022
SLCPD Arrest 37-Year-Old Man for Murder Following Weekend Shooting
November 22, 2022
SLCPD Reminds Community Members of Safety Tips Ahead of Holiday Season
November 28, 2022


November 22, 2022


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Body Worn Camera Footage Released from Officer Involved Critical Incident

SALT LAKE CITY — Today, in compliance with Salt Lake City Ordinance 200.10.200, the Salt Lake City Police Department released body-worn camera footage of the officer-involved-critical incident (OICI) that occurred on November 08, 2022 at a residence near 1700 South and 900 East in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Statements in this release are based on a preliminary review of limited information available at the time of this writing. A thorough investigation is being conducted by an outside agency, pursuant to the OICI protocol required by state law. Additionally, the SLCPD Internal Affairs Unit will conduct a separate investigation.

The videos released today captured the OICI from the body-worn cameras of the two SLCPD officers on scene during the OICI, as defined by city ordinance.

Given the medical and residential privacy interests, the body-worn camera footage has been redacted in an effort to balance the public interest in the officer-involved critical incident with the privacy interests at stake. Redactions have been limited to faces of individuals other than police officers and 37-year-old George Gulla and audio capturing the conversations between those individuals and Mr. Gulla. Officers were performing a standby assist and did not engage with Mr. Gulla until the critical incident displayed in the video. The video begins once all parties enter Mr. Gulla’s residence and ends when the officers begin providing medical assistance.


“This incident is reflective of how a situation can turn dangerous with no warning. The collaboration our police department has with our own social workers and mental health professionals as well as the mental health service providers in our community is critical to more fully addressing the needs of Salt Lake City, and I am proud of that work. I look forward to the conclusion of the outside, independent investigation in this matter.”


·       Body Worn Camera Video 1

·       Body Worn Camera Video 2



This investigation started on Tuesday November 08, 2022, at 11:32 a.m. when SLC911 received a call from a person with the Huntsman Mental Health Institute’s Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT).

The caller requested SLCPD to assist MCOT as they made contacted with George Gulla.

SLC911 dispatched the call at 11:35 a.m. and two officers went en-route at that time.

The first SLCPD officer arrived at 11:40 a.m.

The second SLCPD officer arrived at 11:43 a.m.


Upon arrival, one of the MCOT employees contacted one of the SLCPD officers and discussed Mr. Gulla’s recent drug use, prior police interaction and MCOT’s safety concerns.

The two SLCPD officers accompanied two employees from MCOT and a family member of Mr. Gulla’s to the garage of the private residence. All parties entered the garage after Mr. Gulla’s family member opened the garage entrance door.

While inside the garage, Mr. Gulla’s family member and the mental health professionals spoke with Mr. Gulla.

The two SLCPD officers who were performing a standby assist remained inside the garage and maintained observation. During the conversation with MCOT and Mr. Gulla’s family member, he became agitated. The two SLCPD officers did not engage directly with Mr. Gulla until the officer-involved-critical incident.

From the officers’ body-worn camera, at 11:53 a.m., it appears Mr. Gulla, while sitting on a mattress, makes a sudden lunge toward the foot of the bed. One of the mental health professionals reacts to Mr. Gulla’s actions, turning and running away. As this occurs, both officers fired multiple rounds, striking Mr. Gulla.

The other mental health professional hid behind one of the officers.

After the shooting, officers started giving Mr. Gulla commands.

Once taken into custody, without further incident, officers provided medical aid to Mr. Gulla.

A weapon was recovered from Mr. Gulla’s bed.

Mr. Gulla remains at a local hospital and is expected to survive. Criminal charges are pending.

No further information is available for release. SLCPD is not available for interviews because of the ongoing investigation.


·       Salt Lake City Police Department Use of Force Policy

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