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SLCPD Releases Response Times for November 2022


SALT LAKE CITY — Today, the Salt Lake City Police Department released its response times for November 2022, which showed the department’s overall average response time improved 12 minutes and 15 seconds when compared to November 2021.

Response times to calls for service is a metric the Salt Lake City Police Department is constantly striving to improve.

A police department’s response time can be calculated two ways – the cumulative response time and the actual drive-time response after the first available officer is dispatched to a scene. The cumulative response time includes the time a person spends on the phone with 9-1-1, call processing time and an officer’s drive to the scene.

Response times vary across the country and are dependent on many complex factors that are distinctive to each jurisdiction.

“Late this summer, we asked nearly every sworn member in our department to work seven mandatory patrol overtime shifts,” said Chief Mike Brown. “Today, we’re reporting that for the first time in more than two years, our department brought down our Priority 1 response time to below my long-stated goal of being under 10 minutes. We could not have achieved this and the other successes, such as a reduction in crime, without the dedication and sacrifices of our sworn officers. They gave up time with family and friends to show what we can do as a police department with more staffing, and I look forward to continuing the discussions we are having to address our staffing needs.”

“We are working as quickly as possible to fill our 46 vacant sworn positions,” Chief Brown added. “We will not be extending our mandatory overtime patrol shifts after December, so we do expect response times to increase. Our city is growing and that is why we are working with multiple stakeholders to address response times through a holistic manner while also increasing our overall authorized staffing level.”

In November 2022, the average response times were as follows (formatted as MM:SS):

  • Priority 1 – 09:55, an improvement of 03:03 from November 2021.
  • Priority 2 – 15:21, an improvement of 04:46 from November 2021.
  • Priority 3 – 31:40, an improvement of 19:19 from November 2021.

The combined overall average response time, which includes all priority 1-3, for November 2022 was 23:29, an improvement of 12:15 from November 2021.

The department continues working with SLC911 and other criminal justice stakeholders to expand call diversion and online reporting.

The Salt Lake City Police Department is a transparent law enforcement agency that prides itself on providing our community with accurate information about the services it provides. On the SLCPD website, the department provides monthly updates to the cumulative response time.

In October 2022, SLCPD Chief Mike Brown and Mayor Erin Mendenhall released an update to the department’s Crime Control Plan to lower crime, improve response times, fill authorized staffing levels for sworn positions and to continue building community relationships.

The strategies outlined in the Revised Crime Control Plan include expanding recruitment and hiring efforts, developing a violent criminal apprehension team, implementing the civilian response team, expanding the department’s call diversion program and its online reporting capabilities.