SLCPD Officers Arrest Bank Robbery Suspect
February 8, 2023
SLCPD Graveyard Patrol Officers Recover Gun, Illegal Drugs
February 10, 2023
SLCPD Officers Arrest Bank Robbery Suspect
February 8, 2023
SLCPD Graveyard Patrol Officers Recover Gun, Illegal Drugs
February 10, 2023
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February 6, 2023


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SLCPD Chief Mike Brown Appoints Two New Deputy Chiefs

SALT LAKE CITY — This week the Salt Lake City Police Department welcomed the appointment of two new deputy chiefs.

Deputy Chief Victor Siebeneck started his appointment on Sunday January 29, 2023.

Deputy Chief Andrew Wright started his appointment on Monday February 06, 2023.

“Both Vic and Andrew have exceptional records demonstrating outstanding leadership, character and success in police administration,” said Chief Mike Brown. “Together, they have decades of experience in developing innovative law enforcement initiatives and strategies, managing the dynamics of our policing profession, and forging and strengthening relationships with community members.”

“I am confident they are equipped to handle the unique demands and levels of responsibility that come with their new appointments. I am excited for their future with our department as they work to serve you and the constituents and visitors of Salt Lake City,” Chief Brown added.

Deputy Chief Wright, who came to Salt Lake City as a captain with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, started his career in law enforcement in 2004 with the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office. He served Wasatch County for almost three years as a corrections deputy and patrol deputy. In 2006, Wright joined the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. During his extensive tenure with Summit County, he served as a patrol deputy, patrol corporal, courts division sergeant, patrol sergeant, traffic and K9 supervisor, SWAT assistant team leader, administrative sergeant, administrative lieutenant, public information officer, and captain.

Deputy Chief Wright brings a comprehensive range of administrative and employee expertise. In addition to directing and supervising members of law enforcement, including those in leadership positions, Deputy Chief Wright has extensive management-level experience in recruitment, hiring, promotion, career development and employee relations and wellbeing. Deputy Chief Wright’s excellent command of budgeting and policy development and implementation will be an asset to our department and the city.

As a member of several executive-level committees in Summit County, Wright acted on behalf of the sheriff on legislative matters. He collaborated with lawmakers and stakeholders on matters concerning public safety, risk management, county communications, employee compensation, benefits, and employee action committees. Wright also met with county council, county departments, mayors, city councils, and state and federal partners to advocate for programs, funding, and community and law enforcement interests that increase public safety and enhance officer safety and efficiencies. Wright also fulfilled the responsibilities and duties of the sheriff when both the sheriff and chief deputy were out of their area of responsibility.

Deputy Chief Wright currently oversees the SLCPD’s Field Operations Division I, which includes the SLCPD’s Airport Division and the Pioneer Patrol Division.

“I am excited and honored to join the team at SLCPD,” Deputy Chief Wright said. “Throughout my law enforcement career, I have worked hard to be a leader of change, to adapt policing to a diverse community and an evolving society, and to show a compassionate and community-centric approach to how we serve. Salt Lake City Police Department’s core values embody the best of what law enforcement does and can do. Joining Chief Brown’s leadership team allows me to help enhance our core values and service to the community.”

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management and is currently working on his Master of Science in Management and Leadership.

Photo: Deputy Chief Andrew Wright

Prior to being appointed, Deputy Chief Siebeneck served as the captain over the SLCPD’s Investigations Division. Deputy Chief Siebeneck started his law enforcement career in 1997 when he joined the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office as a corrections officer and later a deputy. Deputy Chief Siebeneck joined the SLCPD in 2001 and has held numerous leadership responsibilities as a police officer, detective, the sergeant supervising several different squads, the assistant division commander for Pioneer Patrol, lieutenant, executive officer for the chief’s office, and captain.

Deputy Chief Siebeneck has established himself as a valuable partner with external agencies working with numerous federal law enforcement organizations to increase public safety for the community by collaboratively focusing on apex criminals to reduce crime. Additionally, he developed and implemented investigative operations designed to address specific community needs rooted in CompStat data consistent with community-oriented and stratified policing philosophies.

Deputy Chief Siebeneck brings broad, strategic-vision-based experience in the development and implementation of procedures and practices and risk management. His proficiency in administrative management will allow him to assess and direct the long-term impact of our organization. Deputy Chief Siebeneck has a deep understanding of, and commitment to, the mission, vision, and goals of the SLCPD. Deputy Chief Siebeneck serves as a strong advocate for employee wellness, equity, and opportunities.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be selected as a deputy chief for the Salt Lake City Police Department,” said Deputy Chief Siebeneck. “I am excited to continue to serve the community and the women and men of our department and am eager to begin enhancing our investigative processes and crime-reduction strategies while ensuring they are consistent with the needs of the community, the department, and national best practices.”

Deputy Chief Siebeneck currently oversees the department’s Investigations Bureau.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography and a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration.

Photo: Deputy Chief Victor Siebeneck

Media may use the photos of the two new deputy chiefs with proper credit to the Salt Lake City Police Department.