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SLCPD Gun Buy-Back Results in 30 Firearms Being Turned In

SALT LAKE CITY — Today, the Salt Lake City Police Department announced the results of the department’s gun buy-back program, held on Saturday March 25, 2023, at the Public Safety Building.

In total, community members turned in 30 firearms, including four pistols, 10 revolvers, six shotguns, and 10 rifles, three of which were assault-style.

This was the second gun buy-back program held in Salt Lake City, by the police department, in more than two decades.

The firearms collected will either be donated to the Salt Lake City Police Mutual Aid Association’s Museum or the Salt Lake City Police Department’s Crime Lab, or destroyed.

The no questions asked, no-ID required gun buy-back program raised awareness to the number of guns in our community and gave community members the opportunity to relinquish any firearms or ammunition they no longer wanted.

Officers also provided gun locks to community members in an effort to promote safe gun handling and storage. Intermountain Health donated the locks to the SLCPD.

“Gun violence remains one of the most important issues we need to address in our community,” said Chief Mike Brown. “While violent crime is down in the city right now, we know guns are being sold and traded illegally in our community each week and those guns are being used to cause harm in our community. By reducing the number of firearms – especially guns no longer wanted – we are reducing the chances of those guns being stolen and later used in the commission of a crime.”

Chief Brown thanks the Salt Lake City Police Department’s SWAT Team, Investigations Division, Finance Department, Crime Lab, Gang Unit and Public Relations and Community Outreach Unit for their dedicated assistance to making this event possible.

Chief Brown also recognizes the Salt Lake City Police Foundation for their continued support. The Salt Lake City Police Foundation made the funding possible for Saturday’s event.

Future gun buy-back events will be considered based on resource and funding availability.

Community members interested in relinquishing their firearms can do so at any time by calling 801-799-3000.

Because the gun buy-back program is over, gift cards cannot be provided and officers will need to complete a police report documenting the relinquishment.

Photos taken during the event are being released. Media may use these photos with proper credit to the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Two police officers and a community members at a gun buy-back event held at the Public Safety Building.

A police officer handing out free gun locks during a buy-back event at the Public Safety Building.

A firearm turned in by a community member.\ A firearm turned in by a community member.

An evidence specialist packaging a firearm turned in by a community member.

A detective inventorying a gun turned in by a community member.