SLCPD Investigating Shooting, 1 Person Hurt, Tips Requested
June 10, 2023
SLCPD Investigation Shooting in Downtown, 1 Person Hurt
June 11, 2023
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June 10, 2023


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SLCPD Officers Seize Rifle During Enhanced Patrol Operation

SALT LAKE CITY — Officers with the Salt Lake City Police Department seized a rifle, drugs, and cash during an overnight enhanced patrol operation in the city’s entertainment district.

The enhanced patrols, which will continue throughout the weekend, are focused on deterring crime and providing a sense of security to our community.

The Salt Lake City Police Department continues to proactively address recent violent crime around 60 West Market Street.

On Sunday June 4, 2023, at approximately 4 a.m., SLC911 received multiple calls about a shooting at 60 West Market Street.

The first SLCPD officer arrived within a minute of the 9-1-1 call and found the victim, a man, on the ground in a nearby parking lot.

The victim, 22-year-old Halapaini Latu Moala, died on scene.

Detectives with the Salt Lake City Police Department’s Homicide Squad believe there are people who know the identity of those involved in the shooting of Moala.

Anyone with information should call 801-799-3000.

The enhanced patrol operation included members from the SLCPD’s Central Bike Squad, the SLCPD’s Liberty Bike Squad, the SLCPD’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT), the SLCPD’s Gang Unit, the SLCPD’s Motor Squad and the SLCPD’s K9 Squad.

During the operation, officers and detectives conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of 300 South West Temple.

Officers found drugs, cash, and a rifle inside the car.

While in downtown, a VCAT detective initiated a traffic stop on a Chrysler 300. The driver refused to stop, sped off, and ran multiple red lights showing no regard for the safety of others in downtown.

A short time later, VCAT detectives found the car stopped at a red light on 500 South near State Street. Detectives quickly moved in and conducted a felony traffic stop. Officers found a small amount of cocaine during their investigation.

Charges will be screened with prosecutors.

The officers helping with the operation also assisted patrol officers on calls for service in downtown, conducted several community and business contacts, conducted investigative follow-up on recent cases, and gathered information to identify and disrupt violent crime.

Prior to the operation, the Salt Lake City Police Department collaborated with business and property owners around 60 West Market Street, 32 East Exchange Place, and 150 West Pierpont Avenue.

At the recommendation of the Salt Lake City Police Department, the property owner of a large parking lot to the north-northwest of 60 West Market Street installed no trespassing signs, which allows officers more flexibility to work to prevent crime from occurring.

The Salt Lake City Police Department will continue to have enhanced summer patrols to address public safety concerns promptly and safely. While the enhanced patrols are intended to deter crime, by having police resources concentrated in a focus area, the SLCPD can ensure an immediate response should an emergency occur.

The Salt Lake City Police Department’s Gang Unit is responsible for investigating gang-related crimes that occur within the city’s jurisdiction. The unit consists of highly trained uniformed officers and detectives who work collaboratively with patrol divisions and other specialty squads within the SLCPD to gather information and focus on preventing gang and gun violence through education, prevention, and enforcement.

The Salt Lake City Police Department’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT) is a specialty unit within the department responsible for combating violent crime, by identifying and apprehending violent criminals and fugitives. This unit works under the SLCPD Special Operations Division but also works closely with the Investigations, Patrol and Data and Research divisions to identify and direct targeted enforcement of hot spot areas and areas of rising violent crime.

Several photos from the operation are being released. Media may use these photos with credit to the Salt Lake City Police Department.

1 – A Salt Lake City Police officer sits in the passenger seat of a patrol car typing on his computer (SLCPD photo | June 10, 2023).


2 – A detective assigned to the Salt Lake City Police Department’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team conducted a traffic stop which resulted in detectives locating and seizing a rifle (SLCPD photo | June 10, 2023).

3 – A SLCPD officer assigned to the Central Bike Squad helps on a traffic stop in downtown Salt Lake City (SLCPD photo | June 10, 2023).


4 – A detective assigned to the Salt Lake City Police Department’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT) speaks with a man inside a car in downtown Salt Lake City (SLCPD photo | June 10, 2023).

5 – A SLCPD officer assigned to the Liberty Bike Squad questions two people seated inside a car parked near a no trespassing sign near 60 West Market Street (SLCPD photo | June 10, 2023).