Utah National Peace Officer Selection Test (Utah N.P.O.S.T.)

OUT OF STATE CANDIDATES must come to Utah to take the N.P.O.S.T. at one of the test sites and turn in their scores, as well. Salt Lake City Police Department does not offer this test. The N.P.O.S.T. consists of four timed sections: math, reading comprehension, grammar and incident report writing.

The math component consists of 20 questions, which are to be completed in 20 minutes. This section does not have any scientific math questions (algebraic or geometry); the questions consist of general math and financial math equations.

The reading comprehension section consists of 25 questions, which are to be completed in 25 minutes. This section requires the candidate to read a series of short essays and then choose the best answer(s) based on the information contained in the short essays.

The grammar section consists of 20 questions, which are to be completed in 15 minutes. This section requires the candidate read several sentences and paragraphs, all of which contain misspelled words and improper punctuation. The candidate is required to identify the misspelled words and improper punctuation.

The incident report writing section consists of 10 questions, which are to be completed in 15 minutes. The candidates are tested on their ability to write a clear and concise report based on facts they are given. Grammar and punctuation are tested in this section as well.

Since the N.P.O.S.T. is not administered all day, every day, all candidates are urged to call the testing center they will be taking the test at, in advance, to verify the dates and times the test will be administered.

1Is there a study guide available for the Utah N.P.O.S.T.?

Yes. A study guide for the Utah N.P.O.S.T. is available for purchase for approximately $5.00 at www.applytoserve.com/Study.

2How and when will I receive my NPOST results?
Each testing center has to send each National Police Officer Selection Test by mail to Stanards and Associates, Inc. (NPOST creator) for scoring. The incident report writing section of the test is scored by hand. Stanard and Associates, Inc. score the test. Once scored the testing facility is contacted with the results at which time they will mail or email you a copy. Each testing facility may have a standard process on how they distribute test results. It may take approximately 4 weeks to receive your test results.
3Can my NPOST results be expedited to meet your application deadline?
It all depends on when your testing facility receives the results. Generally, it takes three (3) weeks to receive your results. You are encouraged to contact your testing center directly to determine the status of when you should anticipate your results.
4Can I retake the Utah NPOST if I do not pass or would like to try for a better score?
Yes. There are there alternate versions of the NPOST test: A, B, and C. You may not retake the same version of the test until sixty days have lapsed. In addition, you may only test twice on the same version within a 12-month period. If you wish to retest sooner, you are eligible to take one of the two remaining versions of the exam (Example: You attempt and fail exam A, you can attempt to pass exams B or C within the sixty-day timeframe). You may retest at any time after your original test on an alternate version. Please note that the same retest guidelines apply to each version of the examination – sixty days before retesting on the same version and only twice per calendar year on the same version.
5If I retake the exam and get a lower score which scores may I use?
You may submit your results with your best score. We do not need to use your most recent score.
6I am an out-of-state candidate do I need to come to Utah to take the NPOST?
Yes. Unfortunately, we do not allow this exam to be proctored or administered in another state.
7I am an out-of-state candidate and have current or prior law enforcement experience. Am I required to take the NPOST?
Yes. We require any and all candidates to complete the Utah NPOST exam.
8I noticed how you mentioned the NPOST results never expire. Where can I get a copy of my results if I no longer have them on file?
You may contact the testing facility where you originally completed the exam to see if they may assist you. Should they not have them on file you may contact Stanard and Associates, Inc. at (800) 367-6919.