Hipolito Casiano Mateos
September 30, 2002
Fernando Hernandez
October 17, 2003

Victim: Carlos Lopez Perez

Cold Case Type: Homicide

Occurrence Date: 2003-05-17

Victim Age: 43

Victim Gender: Male

Synopsis: The victim was lying on the grass in the northwest section of Pioneer Park talking with a female when three unknown suspects approached the victim. After greeting the suspects, an unknown male Hispanic adult, who was standing behind the victim reached down and stabbed the victim.

Witness information is that the victim was known to deal drugs in and around the park. The three suspects fled the area. The female who was with the victim at the time of the attack could not provide a good description. This is an open case and the Salt Lake City Police Department is requesting more information.

Address of Offense: 400 South 30 West

Case Number: 2003-81695

Status: Unsolved