Suspect Sought in Bank Robbery
February 13, 2014
Update: Suspect has been identified and booked in the Walmart robbery
February 14, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake City Police Department’s Evidence Unit has items in its custody which no longer need to be held for investigative purposes or have been deemed abandoned property. Therefore, per the department’s monthly evidence purge protocol, the following items are set to be donated, destroyed or otherwise eliminated effective February 24, 2014: 

Backpacks, purses, bags, clothing, sleeping bags, luggage, bedding, miscellaneous personal papers (Social Security cards, IDs, credit cards, etc.), miscellaneous papers (birth certificates, letters, photos, registrations, etc.), checks, wallets, keys, bikes, bike parts, MP3 players, DVDs, CDs, desktop and laptop computers with equipment, knives, guns, holster, home and car stereos with equipment, cell phones, chargers, hand and power tools, money, eye- and sunglasses, jewelry, toiletries, car parts, license plates, home theater system, baseball bats, bowling ball, printer, dishes, PlayStation, games, amplifier, GPS system, flash drive, night vision binoculars, DVD player, VHS player, camcorder, sword, curtains, hedge trimmer, printer, television wallmount, books, cash register drawer, harmonica, power converter, two-way radio, milk carton, ankle monitor, lamp. 

Reasonable attempts have been made to contact the owners where applicable by U.S. Mail.

This is not an open call for the review of lost and found items by the general public. If you believe that you may have an item(s) in the custody of the Salt Lake City Police Department, please contact the Evidence Unit at (801) 799-3041.