THE CLUB Program
March 8, 2016
May Bulletin – District 7
May 4, 2016


SLC911 receives an average of 800,000 calls per year for all the emergency services they provide. When you have an incident that requires you to contact dispatch, there are a few things you can do to help yourself, the dispatcher and emergency responders.

  1. Give the exact address of the incident. If you don’t know the address, try to find a close landmark or business to give the dispatcher so they can figure out where you are at.
  2. Descriptions of the suspect(s) or vehicles(s) is crucial. If you can safely get the license plate, color make and model of a car or good clothing and physical description of the suspect, please do so. Even a partial license plate can be enough information sometimes.
  3. Know that the dispatchers have certain questions they must ask you during your call. Do your best to remain calm and answer the questions as they ask them.

911 is the emergency number that should only be used when immediate police or medical response is needed for life threatening situations and crimes in progress.

801-799-3000 is the Police non-emergency phone number that can be used to report crimes that require police investigation when there is no immediate threat to life and the crime is not in progress.

The Drug Hotline is your direct link to provide valuable information to our narcotics detectives. If there is an on-going drug problem in your neighborhood please call 801-799-DRUG (3784) and provide your information. You can remain anonymous when you call.

Graffiti is a big problem in Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County as a whole. If you have graffiti to report please call 801-972-7885. This helps free officers for patrol calls.

We have recently implemented Text 2911. All carriers are now activated. While this is an important technological advancement for our hearing impaired community we are still requesting that the text or call us for any call that does not jeopardize their safety.

There has been a slight increase in business burglaries.

If you own a Honda up to 2002, Nissan up to 2002 or Subaru up to 2004. Contact our Auto Theft Detectives for a free anti-theft club.


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