April Bulletin – District 7
April 4, 2016
June Bulletin – District 7
June 23, 2016
April Bulletin – District 7
April 4, 2016
June Bulletin – District 7
June 23, 2016

Bicycle Safety

• Plan your route; let someone known where you are going.
• Know your limitations
• Be familiar with your route. Be aware of the locations of police and fire stations, and hospitals. If possible, take a cell phone in case of emergency.
• Carry identification with you.
• Always wear a helmet.
• Wear light or reflective clothing, especially at night
• Bicycles must be equipped with a white head light, red tail light or reflector and side reflectors that can be seen from at least 500 feet away.

• Stay alert and aware of your surroundings no matter where you are. Don’t wear headphones as they prevent you from hearing your surroundings.
• Be aware of the conditions around you; keep your eyes open for changing road conditions such as slick patches or uneven terrain.
• Be ready to break at any time. Don’t carry any items that may prevent you from using both of your hands.
• Always trust your instincts.
• Stay in well-lit areas and on heavily traveled streets. Avoid routes that take you through parking lots, alleys, or other dark vacant areas.

• Bicycles are considered a vehicle on the road and must obey all traffic signals and signs. They must also follow all lane markings, i.e. do not go straight through a right turn only lane.
• Do not ride against traffic.
• Do not weave in between cars and do not pass on the right, cars do not expect it and frequently will not be looking for it.
• Be aware of the traffic around you; listen for approaching cars and check over your shoulder from time to time.
• Use appropriate hand signals when turning.
• There are two ways to make a left turn, either like a car or like a pedestrian. Whichever left turn you choose, make sure to follow the rules associated with it (follow posted signs and street signals).
• Bicycles must yield to pedestrians.
• Make eye contact with drivers. If you do not make eye contact, you cannot assume that a driver sees you.
• Stay as far to the right of the road as practical unless passing, turning left, traveling straight when a right turn only lane is present, or if the road is too narrow to do otherwise.
• Never ride with more than two bicycles side by side when traveling on the road. If on the sidewalk, bicycles must travel single file.

East Side Bikes have started and are already doing great!

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