Press Release: Major City Chiefs Association Releases Reform Recommendation
June 18, 2020
Press Release: Recap of SLCPD actions during recent protest
July 10, 2020

Chief’s statement on DA’s ruling

SALT LAKE CITY — In cases like these, I rely on the diligent efforts of the District Attorney’s office, the recommendations from the Civilian Review Board, and the results of the Internal Affairs investigation. I trust the transparency and accountability afforded to the community through this investigative process we have in place to address Officer-Involved Critical Incidents.

I trust our extensive training. It is second to none in the state!

But, more importantly, I trust our officers. I trust them to operate within the bounds of the laws and according to their use of force training. I trust that they can make the appropriate split-second, life or death decisions – weighing all factors and public safety – with the brevity required of them.

I love the women and men of the Police Department, and I support them. They are asked to do an impossible job, and often receive little thanks for it. They are exceptional examples of unsung heroes and consummate professionals.