Press Release: Chief’s statement on DA’s ruling
July 9, 2020
Press Release: Chief disposition of OICI
July 16, 2020

Recap of SLCPD actions during recent protest

Vandalism, violence and the use of vehicles to block roadway will no longer be tolerated

SALT LAKE CITY — The daily planned protest began at the DA’s office at 6:00 p.m. The group size was approximately 60 and quickly grew to between 200 and 300. Some of the group began to paint the roadway and the District Attorney’s Office (35 E 500 S); while others expressed their opinions thru amplified sound.

The group marched around the block returning to the DA’s Office. On their return, some of the group members began to break windows on the building. Law enforcement declared the protest an unlawful assembly and made multiple announcement for demonstrators to disperse.

The group ultimately broke five windows and painted the roadway and building with red paint causing damage estimated to be between $100,000 and $200,000.

SLCPD was joined by SLC Fire Department who had medical on hand to assist any injuries. One SLCPD officer sustained a serious, non-life-threatening injury and was transported to an area hospital. Less serious injuries were sustained by other officers. SLC911 had no calls to treat others during this time.

Protesters blocked traffic with vehicles and became violent throwing rocks and bottles, kicking, and punching. Officers worked to strategically remove and arrest those who were the most egregious offenders.

Four arrests were made:

  • Ryan Moore, 39, misdemeanor B failure to disperse.
  • Mercedes McKinley, 32, misdemeanor A assault on a police officer and misdemeanor B failure to disperse.
  • Emmanuel Hill, 21, felony 3 riot and felony 1 criminal mischief.
  • Sofia Alcala, 18, felony 1 criminal mischief (from protest on June 27th; other charges pending).

Officers used non-lethal rounds in response to the violent protesters. One bean bag round was used as well as five FN303 rounds. We did not deploy, nor use, rubber bullets.

Given the extent of the damage, Salt Lake City will no longer tolerate vandalism, violence, or using cars to block roads. SLCPD will assist in traffic control to support peaceful protesters and remind the community that it is incumbent upon each person to respect the first amendment rights to peaceably assemble.