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July 10, 2020
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August 10, 2020

Chief disposition of OICI

SLCPD finalizes disposition of May 23 fatal officer-involved critical incident

SALT LAKE CITY — Because of the intense public scrutiny on Officer Fortuna’s and Officer Iversen’s use of deadly force on May 23, 2020, in the shooting of Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal, the City is making public an Internal Affairs investigative summary of this incident. The City acknowledges and supports the important public interest in ensuring the evidence and analysis relied upon by Chief Brown in making his decision about whether the actions of the officers were within Department Policy is readily available for public review. Given these extenuating circumstances, this Internal Affairs investigative summary is attached to the Chief’s decision.


“I have weighed the full investigation from the Unified Police Department-led OICI protocol team, the report and justified ruling from the District Attorney, the Internal Affairs investigation and summary, and the Civilian Review Board’s exonerating report and recommendations,” said Chief Mike Brown. “Decisions like these are not taken lightly and deserve all the time and attention required to fully review and understand the facts. I find the actions of the officers were reasonable, appropriate, and did not violate Police Department policy.”

IA Summary officer-involved critical incident SL20-89725